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Zdeněk Wagner

Zdeněk Wagner

Researcher ID: B-2525-2013

ORCID: 0000-0001-8426-7439


Phone: +420 220 390 290

After finishing his studies in physical chemistry at the Institute of Chemical Technology Prague he started working at the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, obtaining his PhD in 1986. From then on he works at ICPF as scientist in chemical thermodynamics.

During study at the university he dealt with experimental measurement of enthalpy of vaporization. The topic of his PhD was high-pressure vapour liquid equilibrium in systems related to supercritical extraction. He continued to work in this field after obtaining PhD. Recently his interest switches to liquid-liquid equilibria as well as heat capacities. He also deals with computer programming and advanced data analysis using mathematical gnostics. Programming and data analysis are applied also in collaboration with the Laboratory of Aerosol Chemistry and Physics in the framework of national as well as European projects.

His favourite free-time activity includes photography and creative writing in Czech and Hindi.

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