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Adéla Andresová

Adéla Andresová

Researcher ID: B-2619-2013


Phone: +420 220 390 291

Adéla Andresová graduated with a bachelor degree from the Palacky University Olomouc in Chemistry in 2008 and then with a master degree from T. Bata University in Zlín from Technology, Hygiene and Economics of Food Production in 2010. She joined the E. Hala Laboratory of Thermodynamics as research assistant in May 2011 and started to measure vapor-liquid equilibrium in binary and ternary systems of organic compounds. She started postgraduate studies of Physical Chemistry under supervision of Dr. Bendová in fall of 2012. Her thesis addressed a characterization of pure chiral ionic liquids, their mixtures with water and 1-octanol in view of their applications and environmental impact.

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