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Courses And Seminars

Physical chemistry for technology practice

Lecturers: Magdalena Bendova, Ph.D. and Karel Soukup, Ph.D.

A two-semester refresher course in physical chemistry fundamentals for postgraduate students who have only had a basic undergraduate course in physical chemistry or for those without any background of the field whatsoever. The aim of the lectures is to deepen and strengthen their knowledge so that they are able to use in in their postgraduate studies and in taking exams related to physical chemistry. The emphasis will be placed on a thorough understanding of the basic terms and relationship of the presented theory with practical applications, particularly with separation processes and catalysis.

Introduction into irreversible thermodynamics: theory and practice

Lecturer: Magdalena Bendova, Ph.D.

The aim of the present one-semester course is to introduce students to fundamentals of irreversible thermodynamics both from the viewpoint of linear irreversible thermodynamics represented by works of I. Prigogine and in terms of rational thermodynamics based on works by C. Truesdell. This encyclopaedic course will place an emphasis on the basic understanding of irreversible phenomena and its use in practical applications. An answer to the question “what is all this good for?” will be looked for.

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