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PhD Theses Supervision

  • Karolina Machanová (supervisor: Magdalena Bendova), Thermodynamic Properties of Ammonium-based Ionic Liquids and their Mixtures with Polar Solvents (2009–2013, thesis submitted in February 2015, defended in June 2015)
  • Adéla Andresová (supervisor: Magdalena Bendova), Physico-chemical properties of chiral ionic liquids, their applications and environmental impact (2012–2015)
  • Jan Rotrekl (supervisor: Magdalena Bendova), Structure of ionic liquids and of their mixtures with molecular solvents (2013–2019)
  • Maja Čanji (supervisor: Magdalena Bendova), Phase equilibria in mixtures of ionic liquids with molecular solvents from the viewpoint of their structure and application potential (2015–now)

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