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Experimental Equipment

The experimental equipment used by our group is shared with the Group of Chemical Thermodynamics.

  • In-house built experimental apparatuses:
    • Static apparatus for measurement of VLE up to 10 MPa
    • Equipment for LLE measurement, cloud point method and volumetric method
  • Thar Technologies Super Phase Monitor SPM20, temperature range 25°C–60°C, pressure range up to 40 MPa
  • Setaram μDSC III evo microcalorimeter, batch cells, CP liquid cells
  • Anton Paar densitometers: DMA58, DSA5000, DMA-HP (pressure range up to 70 MPa)
  • Gas chromatograph: Agilent Technologies 7890A Series
  • ThermoScientific Helios γ UV/vis spectrophotometer
  • Schott TitroLine Karl-Fischer titrator
  • Calibration devices:
    • Ruska dead weight pressure gauge, pressure range up to 28 MPa
    • Leeds & Northrup platinum resistance thermometer provided with a National Bureau of Standards certificate coupled to an ASL F17A bridge
    • thermostats for thermometer calibration

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