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The contribution of members of our team at recent conferences are presented here.


Geneva, 24–29 July 2016, web page of the conference

Adéla Andresová, Joanna Feder-Kubis, Markéta Florianová, Barbara Basarabová, Kateřina Čubová, Zdeněk Wagner, Magdalena Bendová: Partition coefficients octanol-water of selected (–)-menthol-substituted chiral ionic liquids (Lecture)
Download: slides in PDF

Jan Rotrekl, Magdalena Bendová, Zdeněk Wagner, Jan Storch, Karel Aim, Jan Sýkora, Štěpán Hovorka, Pavel Vrbka: Structure-property relationships and the impact of impurities on the physico-chemical properties for novel oligoglyme-substituted ionic liquids (Lecture)
Download: slides in PDF

Zdeněk Wagner, Magdalena Bendová, Jan Rotrekl, Jiřina Řezníčková: Advanced analysis of isobaric heat capacities by mathematical gnostics (Lecture)
Download: slides in PDF

Nan Zhao, Ryan Oozeerally, Volkan Degirmenci, Zdeněk Wagner, Magdalena Bendová, Johan Jacquemin: New Method Based on the UNIFAC-VISCO Model for the Estimation of Ionic Liquids Viscosity Using Data Recommended by Mathematical Gnostics (Poster)
Download: poster in PDF

Technology Perspectives for Energy Storage

Prague, November 30, 2015, workshop organized in the frames of the Strategy AV21 initiative Efficient Energy Conversion and Storage.

Magdalena Bendová: Physico-chemical Properties of Thermal Energy Storage Materials
Download: conference programme in PDF, slides in PDF

Modelling Smart Grids 2015

Prague, September 10–11, 2015, web page of the conference

Zdeněk Wagner & Pavel Kovanic: Advanced Data Analysis for Industrial Applications. (Lecture)
Download: abstract in PDF, slides in PDF

34th International Conference on Solution Chemistry

30th August – 3rd September 2015, Prague, Czech Republic, web page of the conference

A. Andresová, M. Bendová, Z. Wagner, J. Feder-Kubis, P. Husson, M. Traïkia: Physicochemical characterization of chiral ionic liquids for their applications. (Poster)
Download: poster in PDF

J. Rotrekl, M. Bendová, Z. Wagner: Influence of structure of ionic liquids on the properties of their mixtures with water. (Poster)
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