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Internal collaboration

Laboratory of Aerosol Chemistry and Physics

Our group provides evelopment and maintenance of software tools for on-line and off-line data analysis, reporting data to international databases in the framework of European projects SUB-aero, EUSAAR, EUCAARI, ACTRIS, UFIREG as well as several projects sponsored by the Gran Agency of the Czech Republic.


Jan Storch (GAMOS)

Custom design, synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of novel ionic liquids with an application potential and/or interesting molecular structure.

Research interests: Organic Chemistry, Homogeneous Catalysis, Chemistry of Extended Aromatic Systems, Material Chemistry, Ionic Liquids


Věra Pěnkavová (Department of Multiphase Reactors)

Characterization of novel ionic liquids by means of measurements of transport properties, rheological behaviour, and surface tension.

Research interests: Rheology of non-newtonian fluids, apparent wall slip


Petr Uchytil (E. Hála Laboratory of Separation Processes, group of membrane separation processes)

Gas sorption and solubility in ionic liquids and task-specific materials.

Our group provides athematical modelling of membrane separation, analysis of experimental data mostly by methods of mathematical gnostics.


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